Precise communication helps saving time and money. One of our extra strengths lies in the accurate discussion of briefs and in making early suggestions on vital aspects. We have remarkable routine in understanding the clients’ instructions and converting them into forms of musical expression – may those instructions be formulated in basic every-day language or using abstract terminology.


Have you experienced how in team discussions Good ideas can become Awesome ideas? That is how we produce our initial musical ideas. Instrumentation and sound design - when cleverly used - can be a key element in branding. It helps instant identification of a product by evoking associations and emotions. Such basic aspects are discussed by our team before a single note is written.


In some cases we distribute simultaneously executable tasks, like instrumentation, programming, live recording, so that the track

can be produced and delivered very quickly.


We send you all the demo versions in a near-final sound quality, synched to your video (if provided).

Next, we discuss your feedback and

make adjustments / revisions.


After getting feedback on the draft track from the client, we produce the final, fully mixed and mastered version.  



Kata writes songs that follow today’s coolest trends. With over 10 years of experience in commercial writing she strives to compose music that is unique and with strong character. A Berklee grad, Kata works with top industry professionals and musicians across the United States and Europe. Fun fact:

She gets easily distracted by animals.


Balazs is a Ph.D. “Doctor of Musicology”. He has been working as a film composer & sound designer for 20 years. His soundtracks are exciting and powerful as he fuses classical and modern elements in his work. Balazs is the quintessential “classical, hybrid/orchestral” guy in our team. Fun fact:
In the winter he also works as a ski instructor.


Aron is a versatile composer, pianist and orchestrator who easily navigates between classical and contemporary styles. A super-fast programmer and orchestrator he knows no ‘impossible’ when it comes to extremely tight deadlines. Fun fact:

In his free time he makes this website.

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